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The Barry M. Goldwater Arizona Chapter of the QCWA was chartered on October 11, 1962. We are an active chapter covering the State of Arizona with approximately 70 members each year. We hold four luncheons meetings each year each with a talk on a subject of current interest, have a weekly Sunday morning net on 75 meters, publish a newsletter quarterly, and as a group or as individuals participate in public service events and Hamfests. In 1992, we sponsored the QCWA National Convention in Scottsdale.

50th Anniversary Certificate 55th Anniversary Certificate

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1973 QCWA convention Scottsdale AZ

1992 QCWA convention Scottsdale AZ

1993 Spring-1 Barry M. Goldwater Arizona Chapter 16

The Chapter 16 officers wish to thank all of our members for assisting in the National Convention. Without your help it would not have been the big success it became. Our annual meeting was held on December 5 at the Safari Resort in Scottsdale, in conjunction with the annual QCWS SOWP luncheon meeting. Seventy people attended. President Gerry Higgins, W9INP presented plaques to the three remaining founders of the Chapter: Charles Blake, W7BP; Holland "Dutch" Day, W7HTY; and Leon "Lee'' Faber, W7EH. Lee was the only one able to be present and receive his plaque; the other two were delivered during the week. Plaques were given in honor of the 30 years of service these founders have given to our Chapter. New officers for 1993- 94 were installed: President, Gerry Higgins, W91NP; Vice President, Ray Porter, K7AA: and Secretary/treasurer, Cliff Bruce, W7ER. On January 16 our winter meeting was held in Sun City, AZ with 40 people attending at the Crestview Restaurant. After the lunch, Clem Chase, W7JGU presented a slide show with narration on the unusual sights found in Utah. Our next lunch meeting will be in April in the Prescott area. The Prescott group has been holding lunch meetings the first Tuesday of each month with about 25 to 40 attending. The latest one was held January 12 at the Pass Steakhouse in Dewey. AZ. Cliff Bruce. W7ER 8720 Jackrabbit Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85250

New members:
11-25-1992 25,589 Gagnon. Louis J Jr W7LNX Phoenix. AZ
1-7-1993 25,640 Sasck. Bernie J W0YOY Tucson, AZ
1-18-1993 25,656 Cossman. Robert C W7MBB Phoenix. AZ


The annual meeting and luncheon was held on October 16th at the Mountain View Restaurant in Tucson. 15 members and 14 guests were present. President Gerry Higgins, W9INP, presided. Committee reports were given and with no old or new business the meeting adjourned for a tour of the 200 year old Mission San Xavier del Bac about 15 miles south of Tucson. Considerable renovation is being performed at the Mission, both inside and outside. The next quarterly lunch-meeting will be held January 29th at the Crestview Restaurant on the Sun City-Sun City West border. Chapter 16 welcomes all QCWA, SOWP, OOTC members as well as any other interested Hams in the area to come to our meetings. For information contact Cliff Bruce, W7ER, at 602-947-64 14. In December of the past six years the Pacific Southwest Chapter of the Society of Wireless Pioneers (SOWP) and QCWA Chapter 16 have held combined lunch-meetings in the Phoenix area. Again, all interested Hams are invited to join us in these events. We had three QCWA members join our chapter as a result of the December 11th meeting. Chapter 16 lost three of its members since our last report in the Journal. Corneliou Z. Board, W7QD, passed away on August 14, 1993, Louis Halpern, W4NOB, passed away on July 16, 1993 and Rulon "Bid" Bidduiph, AC7E, passed away on September 28, 1993. The Chapter expresses its sympathy to the families and friends. On December 31st there were 117 active members in Chapter 16. We hold four quarterly gatherings a year as well as Ute Joint meeting in December. Meeting places are rotated between the Phoenix area, Tucson area, and Prescott/Flagstaff area in order to cover the state evenly. In addition, 20 to 25 of us will attend the February 26th meeting hosted by the Leo I. Meyerson Greater Palm Springs Area Chapter 154 on the occasion of their 9th Annual Spring Luncheon. A more detailed report of the QCWA-SOWP Joint Meeting follows:

JOINT SOWP-QCWA MEETING: On December 11, 1993, the Sixth Annual SOWP-QCWA joint luncheon-meeting was held at the Safari Convention Center in Scottsdale. Over 70 people were there to hear Dick Baldwin, WIRU, explain some of the activities of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Dick is president of the 1ARU and has done extensive traveling in the course of his duties; including a trip to China this past year. Among his many obligations as president, Dick teaches courses in the administration of communication laws in developing countries. We were happy to have Barry Goldwater, K7UGA, in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed his "off the cuff” remarks while reminiscing about his early days in amateur radio, politics, and Arizona Fried Heyn, WA6WZO, ARRL Southwestern Division Director ended his talk with an impressive reading of "The Amateur's Code." Cliff Hauser, KD6XH, our Arizona Section Manager told us about how he "volunteered" for the SM job. The program concluded with the traditional Sing-a-long-Leo Meyerson, WOOFQ at the piano and Pat Higgins leading the singing of some Christmas carols and some old favorites. Respectfully submitted, Gerry Higgins, W9INP, Secretary/Treasurer.

New Members:
l-14-94 26,466 Brown, Chauncey WA90FM Sun Lakes, AZ


The Seventh Annual Joint Luncheon Meeting of the Barry Goldwater Chapter 16 and the Pacific Southwest Chapter IX, SOWP, will be held on December 10, 1994, in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Safari Resort. The guest speaker will be Dave Bell, W6AQ, who produced the "World of Amateur Radio" films. For more details, please call Bill Jackson, W6HDP, at 602- 772-9641. Respectfully submitted, Bill Jackson, W6HDP.

New members


The Spring lunch-meeting was held April 9th at the Pine Cone Inn in the cool pine atmosphere of Prescott, AZ. Forty three members and guests attended. After lunch a short business meeting was held. A nominating committee was appointed to provide a slate of officer candidates for the election in June/July. Harry Snyder, W0RN then presented a slide show with narration of his I963 Naval Reserve tour of the Mediterranean area. Our Summer picnic lunch-meeting was held on June 25th at the 8000 foot level on Mt. Lemmon, 30 miles N. E. of Tucson, AZ. After the picnic under the pines at La Loma picnic site a short business meeting was held. A motion was presented and passed for the secretary to cast a unanimous vote for the one candidate for each office on the slate presented. The following officers elect will be installed at our annual meeting in October to serve their two year term: President John Gray, KTGFZ. Vice President Ralph Barr, W0DNO, and Cliff Bruce, W7ER, will continue as Secretary-Treasurer. Thanks to Clem Chase, W7JGU, for arranging this trip. It was announced that the combined QCWA Chapter 16 and the SOWP Pacific Southwest Chapter IX Seventh Annual Joint Luncheon meeting will be held on December 10, 1994 at the Safari Resort, Scottsdale, AZ. Dave Bell, W6AQ, will be the featured speaker. Dave is from Hollywood, CA and has produced several films and video tapes for the ARRL, most well known being the 'World of Amateur Radio" For information and registration forms contact Bill Jackson, W6IIDP, at 602-772-9641 or Cliff Bruce, WTER at 602-947414. We especially want to welcome all the winter visitors in the Phoenix area. However, all amateurs are invited whether you are members or not. Come one, come all. Respectfully submitted, Cliff Bruce, W7ER, Secretary, and Gerry Higgins, W9IM, President.

New members
06/03194 26795 Blazer, Richard H KB7RWF Globe AZ
07128/94 26883 Bird, Stephen R WA7LHZ Phoenix AZ
08/13/94 26904 Wise, RW K7QYN Tucson AZ


Forty-two members and guests attended our annual meeting and lunch on Saturday, October 15th at the Horny Toad Restaurant in Cave Creek, AZ. President Gerry Higgins, W9INP opened the meeting after lunch and had everyone introduce themselves. Chapter reports were printed in the Fall Newsletter. There being no other business before the group, Gerry called the newly elected officers to come front and center for installation into office. John Gray, K7GFZ is the new president, Ralph Barr, W0DNO is the new vice president, and Cliff Bruce, W7ER will continue as Secretary- Treasurer. TI1e gavel was turned over to John. Awards were then issued to the old officers, each receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Chapter and Gerry, W9INP, Ray Porter, K7AA, and Cliff, W7ER were given a round of applause for their service to the Chapter during the past two years. Our speaker for the day was retired Trans World airline Captain William "Bill" Judd who now lives in Carefree, AZ. He gave an exciting talk on his New York to Paris, France Solo Flight in 1956, the first one since Lindbergh did it in 1927. Bill then continued the flight to Cairo, Egypt where he was stationed with TWA. Bill also told of his under-sea photography in the Red Sea some of which was used in the Captain Midnight TV Series of that time and of some of his search and rescue work done for the Egyptian Government in the Sahara Desert. TWA removed the Cairo based crew members back to the USA in 1957 as a result of the Arab-Israeli war that year. Bill then moved to Bermuda and continued his flying and underwater photography. The meeting was concluded with the presentation of a QCWA Meritorious Award to Cliff Bruce, W7ER for service to QCWA and the Chapter over the past years. Door prizes were then drawn and the meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM. Our next event will be the combined QCWA-SOWP luncheon meeting to be held on December 10th at the Safari Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. Respectfully submitted, Cliff Bruce, W7ER, Secretary.

New Members
09/23/94 26971 Rogozinski, Anthony M N5BG Glendale AZ
10/11/94 26997 Cipolla. Phyllis M N2AGY Sun City West AZ
10/31/94 27041 Fay, Clifford E K7BQ Peoria AZ
11/12/94 27065 Neville, John F KB7YS Prescott AZ

1995-1 Spring Chapter 16, Barry M. Goldwater Arizona

There were 79 people attended the joint QCWA-SOWP luncheon and meeting held at the Safari Resort in Scottsdale on December 10th. The ARRL Southwestern Division Director, Fried Heyn and the QCWA Vice President and SOWP President, Jack Kelleher spoke of what their respective organizations are doing and what is in store for the future. Bill Jackson, SOWP Pacific-S.W. Chapter Director was Master of Ceremonies. Several Award Certificates were awarded to both QCWA and SOWP members.

Dave Bell, W6AQ, a noted Hollywood Producer of movies for TV and the cinema was the featured speaker. Dave told of his first experience with radio and how he got involved with Ham radio. He went on to tell of his life work and how it tied in with Amateurs. Dave also commented on some of the problems we are having with frequency allocations and the commercial industry grab for government and amateur frequencies and how we may be able to protect our current allocations.

The final feature was a drawing for door prizes with the grand prize being a Radio Shack 2 meter HT.

On January 21st we held our winter luncheon meeting in Sun City West at the Crestview Restaurant with 55 people in attendance. After lunch Ralph Barr, W0DNO, our new president opened the meeting with introductions of everyone present. It was then announced that due to the resignation of John Gray, K7GFZ as our president in late October Vice President Ralph Barr took over as president and that Harry Snyder, W0RN was appointed as new vice President. Harry then gave a report on some legal problems the Hams are having and things we could do to help. Ray Porter, K7AA, reported that Terry Pemberton of Prescott's Granite Mt. Middle School has been nominated as one of the ARRL Ham teacher of the year candidates. The winner will be chosen this summer.

George Hand, KE7DH, then presented a video show with narration of his trip through the Klondike and Yukon area of Alaska which he and his wife took last summer. Door prizes were then drawn and awarded.

Respectfully submitted, Cliff Bruce, W7ER, Secretary.

New Members
12/05194 27105 Peters, Charles T NS7C Phoenix AZ
12/21/94 27128 Henderson, Glenn H WA7PBO Tucson AZ
01/03/95 27139 Trussell, Gerald C W7MBG Lavecn AZ
01109195 27159 Ross, Trefry A W6CSZ Tucson AZ

1995-2 Summer

Article by HBR-16 Receiver by Gerry Higgins, W9INP, P.O. Box 5345, Carefree, AZ 85377

1995-3 Fall Chapter 16, Barry Goldwater

Twenty-four members and thirty-two guests attended our Spring meeting at the Pine cone Inn at Prescott, AZ, on April 19th. After lunch President Ralph Barr, W0DNO opened the meeting and everyone was introduced. Among our guests were Instructor Terry Pemberton and four students from the Prescott Granite Mountain Middle School Amateur Radio Club. As part of our program, Terry showed a video tape and told us of the experiences the group had in planning, gathering equipment, setting up the station facilities and organizing the communication network between Prescott and Texas for the SAREX Experiment the school was chosen to undertake in July 1994. In the eight minute window of opportunity about 15 students got to talk to the Space shuttle crew members.

Media coverage, both TV and Newspaper, was in attendance for the 5 AM event. Our Chapter had helped Terry with technical advice and found and donated some equipment for the project. How did Chapter 16 get started? Graham Maconomy, W6BUK, recruited 12 other QCWA members in the Phoenix area. In this group were Holland Day, W7HTY, Charles Blake, W7BP and Leon Faber, W7EH. In August 1962, a petition was prepared and eleven of the 13 founder members signed and it was sent to QCWA Board of Directors for their action. A Charter for Chapter 16 was issued on October 11, 1962 and the Arizona Chapter was on its way. Today we have 123 members including Charlie Blake and Lee Faber. Holland 'Dutch' Day, QCWA #634 passed away on May 26, 1995.

Our next event will be a 'Going Away' lunch at the Pine Cone Inn on August 19th for Ray, K7AA and Diana, N7EJO Porter. The Porters are moving to the Northwest in late August from their present home in Dewey, Arizona.

Chapter 16's annual meeting will take place in October and then the 8th annual joint QCWA/SOWP luncheon meeting will be held at the Scottsdale Safari Resort in Scottsdale on December 2nd.

Cliff Bruce, W7ER, Secretary /Treasurer

1995-4 Winter No report

1996-1 Spring

We held the QCWA/SOWP annual luncheon meeting at the Safari Resort Scottsdale Conference Center on December 2nd.

Harry Synder, W0RN, introduced the speaker, Ron KeLong, WB6DHI. Ron presented the program, a discussion of Motorola's new IRIDIUM system. Ron described the IRIDIUM system as a satellite-based, wireless personal communications network designed to permit any type of telephone transmission· voice, data, fax, paging - to reach its destination anywhere on earth, at any time. It will revolutionize communications for business professionals, travelers, residents of rural or undeveloped areas, disaster relief teams and other users who need the features and convenience of a wireless handheld phone with a single number for use worldwide . He pointed out the system is being financed by a private international consortium of telecommunications and industrial companies. The system will be operational in 1998. He pointed out there were originally 77 earth orbiting satellites planned (66 are currently planned) which will provide this communications for this system. This looked much like the molecular structure of Iridium, hence the name IRIDIUM.

Fried Heyn, WA6WZO, contributed several ARRL books as door prizes. QCWA contributed additional door prizes. The meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.

About 80 attended the meeting the January QCWA Luncheon Meeting The January meeting will be held at the Crestview Restaurant in Sun City West. The program promises to be a little lighter than the last several meetings. Al Lee, W6KQl, will present the program. He will be talking of his experiences providing ham radio communications on the Queen Mary as it made its last voyage in the fall of 1967 from England co its permanent new home in Long Beach. His account of this trip was written up in the December 1992 issue of QST (page 29). Ralph Barr, W0DNO

1996-2 Summer

What a ride! On April 27th 36 members and guests took the San Pedro & Southwestern Railroad trip for 25 miles along the San Pedro river valley from Benson to Charleston, AZ. The diesel engine pulled ten cars full of passengers and on the return trip we stopped at the Ironhorse Ranch for a delicious barbecue feed. Charleston was the stamp mill town for the big silver production around the Tombstone, AZ area in the late 1800s. During the train trip Clem Chase, W7JGU, was presented with his QCWA SO-Year Award certificate by Chapter President Ralph Barr. On March 9th about a dozen people from the Arizona chapter attended the annual Spring Luncheon hosted by the Leo L. Meyerson Chapter in the Palm Spring area of California. Due to a lack of facilities and overcrowding the Arizona Chapter will not hold a meeting at the July Fort Tuthill Hamfest this year. Our next meeting is set for August 10th at the Pine Cone Inn in Prescott, AZ. Our annual meeting will be held in October, Lime and place to be announced in the July Newslettter. Cliff Bruce, W7ER, Secretary

1996-3 Fall No Report

1996-4 Winter

Sixty-One people attended the lunch and annual meeting held at the Horny Toad Restaurant in Cave Creek, Arizona, 32 members and 29 guests. George Chaet, WlRGH, gave the invocation at 12 noon and lunch was served.

President Ralph Barr opened the meeting at l PM with introductions all the way around the group. QCWA 50- through 65-year Award Certificates were presented to: Ruby LaRue, W7JZA, 65 year; Ed Bataker, WK7L, 65 year; Ray Schulte, W0Dfl, 55 year; Harry Paston, W20AA, 55 year; and Harry Snyder, W0RN, 50 year. Those members not present today will have their certificates delivered or mailed if necessary. 21 members earned certificates this year. The only business on hand was the installation of officers for Chapter 16; Ralph Barr, W0DNO as President; Harry Snyder, W0RN as Vice-president; and Gerry Higgins, W9INP as Secretary/ Treasurer. Cliff Bruce, W7ER was thanked for the umpteen years of service to the Chapter in several capacities as President and Editor. by Harry Snyder. Frank Smith, AH0W and cwo ocher hams from Sun City area were introduced. They, with several others from Hawaii, etc., conducted a short DXpedition to Midway Island in August 1996, making about 15,000 contacts through·out the world using 160 meters through VHF satellite operations. Midway is, or soon will be, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a bird and wildlife refuge . Only about 15 people live on the islands at present and there are very few tourists allowed on board.

At the conclusion of the meeting door prizes were drawn and the meeting adjourned about 2:30 PM.

Our next event will be the December 7th joim QCWA-SOWP lunch meeting. See you there!

1997-1 Spring

Sixty-one members and guests attended the January 25th luncheon meeting at Faylene's restaurant in Surprise , Az. Bob Menefee, AA7QJ and his banjo band entertained until lunch was served. I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed their playin and singing and hopefully we'll hear them again next year. Bill Jackson, W6HDP gave the invocation after observing a minute of silence in memory of departed members. Lunch was served at 11:45. Our President, Ralph Barr, W0DNO opened the meeting at 1:00 PM with the first order of business being the awarding of service certificates. Lee Faber, W7EH received his 80 year award, only the seventh one issued in the history of QCWA. Lee is also the last remaining charter member of our chapter which was chartered in 1962. Other awards included: Cliff Bruce, W7ER, 65 years; Bill Kafka, W2YAV, 60 years and Bob Cossman, W7MBB, 50 years. There are several other people to receive awards who were not present. We'll list them elsewhere in the newsletter. We congratulate all of you for your dedication to Amateur Radio.

In new business, members voted to donate $100.00 to the Tony Morice Memorial Fund. Tony, AB7LR was a member of Chapter 16 and became a Silent Key January 9, 1997. The memorial Fund will help fulfill Tony's desire to improve the library at Cactus Shadows High School where Tony taught for over 30 years. It is my understanding that the library will be named after Tony.

After leading individual introductions around the room, Harry Snyder, W7HC our vice-president, introduced Jeff Mullins who gave a very interesting slide presentation and talk on Nikola Tesla. Tesla was probably best known for inventing the AC induction motor and the Tesla coil. Jeff gave a very dramatic demonstration with a Tesla coil that he had constructed. Jeff is part of a group of 300-400 people from all over the country who build and demonstrate Tesla coils.

Prize tickets were drawn and QCWA hats were given to the three lucky men winners and three lucky ladies received $5.00 in cash.

After announcing that the next meeting will be at the Pine Cone Inn in Prescott on May 3, 1997 President Ralph Barr, W0DNO adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.

Gerry Higgins, W7ES, Sec/ Treas

Left to right: Harry Snyder, W7HC, VP; Gerry Higgins, W7ES, Sec./Treas.; Lee Faber, W7EH, 80 yr. award; Cliff Brice, W7ER, 65 yr. award; Bob Cossman, W7MBB, 50 yr. award

Ralph Barr, W0DNO, Chapter 16 Pres.

1997-2 Summer No Report

1997-3 Fall No Report

1997-4 Winter No Report

1998-1 Spring

Sixty one members and guests attended the tenth annual SOWP-QCWA Luncheon meeting at the Peppercorn Grille in Scottsdale. Bob Menefee, AA7QJ, and the Banjo Band, provided entertainment before and during lunch. After lunch, Ralph Barr presented Bill Jackson, W6HDP, a service award recognizing his 50 years in ham radio. Frank Smith, AH0W, presented the Program, a slide presentation on two of his most recent DXpeditions, Kure Atoll & Midway Island.

He stated Kure Atoll is now a wildlife refuge, but is highly restricted - there is absolutely no trespassing or boat landing is permitted on the atoll. He and four other hams went there in the company of four fish and wildlife people who oversee Kure. Kure is ranked #3 on the needs list in Europe (out of 329 possible) of most wanted DXCC countries, so our main effort was aimed to help Europeans. In his presentation, he talked about the Midway Island DXpedition, held the prior year. He and four other hams were the first "non essentials" ever allowed on Midway in over 50 years and the first ever DXpedition there. The Midway portion of his program included some WWII related pictures including the Battle of Midway. In Closing, Bob Menefee, AA7QJ, lead the group in "Jingle Bells" and "God Bless America". Ralph Barr, WODNO, President

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